grant is dead!

he was clowning around. 
  1. Endless Love for my Grandmother on Her 92nd Birthday
  2. My Grandmother’s Clowns
  3. Clowning Around
  4. Clown Spirit (I), (II)

he was painting on rocks. 
  1. Archer Rock
  2. Kobe Bryant # 24
  3. Colored Rocks
  4. By The River and the Traintracks at Patapsco Valley State Park
  5. Sankofa, America

he was making movies for us. 
  1. Born Man
  2. Ghost Dance (I)
  3. The Clown Who Swam Wild 
  4. Reparations Calculator 
  5. Race, Race, Race
  6. Clowning Around
  7. Shooting the Police

he was doing his thing. 
  1. Smiling Jug
  2. Smoking Man
  3. Ghost Dance (II)
  4. Four Brothers Whistle Orchestra 
  5. Shiny Mud Woman
  6. Pothead
  7. Yellow Negroes
  8. Nine Brothers in the Woods
  9. Tantric Star
  10. Black Arts ABC’s
  11. Black Power, White Power
  12. Untitled 
  13. Watermelon Man
  14. Endless Love for my older brother after his trip to Ghana
  15. Lonestar Cowboy
  16. Reparations Calculator (II)

Grant is DEAD! —


grant strudwick is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in scuplture. born and raised in Washington, D.C, strudwick’s works in various media explore notions of social construction,“pre-history,” performativity, propaganda, mysticism, and magic. the artist’s works in various media draw heavily upon “pre-modern” influences and artistic methods, as well as from the artist’s family’s history and sensibilities. strudwick will recieve his Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies and Modern Culture & Media from Brown University in May of 2019. 

Selected Exhibitions:
We Got Next: Young Contemporaries, DC Comission for Arts and Humanities Gallery
Intermission, Intervention, Interruption, RISD Museum
Art of Engagement, Touchstone Gallery
Black Power!, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (Shop)
An Incomplete History of Protest: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1940-2017 (Shop)

Collections: MICA Decker Library, Book Arts Collection
University of Michigan Library, Special Collections


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